Boone County

Boone County is located in the Ozark Mountains on the Missouri border in north central Arkansas. It was created April 9, 1869, mostly from a large part of Carroll County and a small strip of Marion County. Boone County is an area noted for beautiful scenery. Early settlers saw the alluring beauty of our beloved mountains, fertile valleys and sparkling streams. It was easy for them to choose to settle and raise their children in such a beautiful place. Contrary to popular belief, it was not named for Daniel Boone. Its original name was Boon, so named because the residents believed it would be a boon to all who settled there. The final e was added later. Boone County contains 604 square miles, 11 square miles of which is water, and is bordered by Carroll, Marion, Newton and Searcy Counties in Arkansas and Taney County, Missouri. The county seat is the City of Harrison.

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