Below are current COVID-19 safety protocols at UAMS.

  • Schmieding Center Facilities
    • Individuals are not to attend an event in our facility if they have any of the following: cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, chills, new onset muscle ache not explained by exercise or activity, loss of taste or smell, or fever greater than 100.4 degrees in the last 24 hours.
    • Individuals are not to attend an event in our facility if they should be in quarantine.
    • We are no longer requiring masks at UAMS in non-patient care areas. However, masks are required when you enter our clinics where patients may be present and in all hallways and public areas in these buildings.
    • The “in-person” audience is open to the public as well as UAMS staff and students. Please be reasonable and responsible with the number of external guests invited.
      • The Schmieding Center Parking Map is available at
      • Visitors no longer need to be screened.
    • We are currently operating at 100% capacity at on-campus venues.
    • Unvaccinated guests should continue to wear masks. It is up to each individual to follow masking requirements as vaccination status cannot be assessed.
    • Refreshments may be served with permission of the Schmieding Center. Please choose grab-and-go options or individually packaged meals. Buffets are allowed as long as there is hand sanitizer at the beginning of the food service line.

Your safety and that of our entire UAMS community remains at the forefront of our decisions. Thank you for your flexibility and continued patience as we try to remain a safe and healthy place for our students and employees. This policy will be re-evaluated on a regular basis. Please re-visit this page as you plan for future events.

POLICY DATE: September 20, 2022