Whether your goal is to work as a paid home caregiver, help care for an older family member, or volunteer in your community, this training gives you the knowledge and skills to succeed!

Certified Caregiver Training
The field of home care is exploding with career opportunities for responsible adults who want to work with older adults.

Information provided by the Bureau of Labor, the Paraprofessional Health Institute projects the demand for direct-care workers will require an additional one million new positions by 2016 and the demand for home care workers is the largest segment of this group.

Whether your desire is to become a part-time elder companion or to work full time in the home as a Certified Nursing Assistant, the unique stepwise design of the Schmieding program enables you to choose the level of training which best meets your personal or career goals. Learn more…

Family Caregiver Training
The number of family members caring for an older family member is on the rise.  Family training

In a survey conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving (2009), 77% of family caregivers surveyed said they were in need of more help or information on some aspect related to caregiving.

The Schmieding Family Caregiver Workshops are designed to increase family members’ knowledge of elder care topics and introduce them to basic caregiving skills needed to care for an older adult in the home. Learn more…