There are seven sites throughout the state where UAMS Schmieding Home Caregiver training is available.  Locations are strategically positioned throughout Arkansas in communities with an existing UAMS Center on Aging site.



Each training location house a classroom, learning laboratory, instructor offices and learning resource center.  Classrooms and clinical areas will have appropriate space and equipment to accommodate the needs of the students.


Classrooms are safe, non-threatening, comfortable, quiet, and have appropriate tables and chairs for instructors and students. Each classroom also contains quality audio-visual equipment, appropriate teaching models and visual learning aids that stimulate the learning process.



The term “CareHouse” is used to designate the learning laboratory utilized for skills practice and evaluation.  Most center’s CareHouse is separate from the classroom and contains a simulated home. Each home contains a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and appropriate equipment for teaching home caregiver skills. In addition, the CareHouse contains many unique items such as specialty clothing, adaptive equipment and mobility devices which add to the learning process. Students are introduced to specialty equipment that can make caring for the older person easier and safer.

Learning Resource Center

Within each facility is a room or separate space allocated for supplemental teaching material, ie. videos, books, brochures, magazines etc. The staff and students are encouraged to utilize this area and its resources for continuing education and professional development. Each resource center contains a computer with internet access, a television with VCR and DVD capability and bookshelves or file cabinets for housing educational materials.