Community Programs

Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (D.E.E.P)

Self-Management Diabetes Program – The Diabetes Education Empowerment (D.E.E.P.) is a FREE program for Arkansans living with diabetes. People who join the D.E.E.P. program will attend 6 weekly, two-hour learning sessions where they will get hands-on training on understanding food labels, meal planning and other helpful tips on diabetes care.

Alzheimer’s Experience

This tour is designed to simulate the symptoms that are experienced by an Alzheimer’s/Dementia patient. The experience typically takes about 10 minutes per person and can be offered in multiple settings including special events, faith-based organizations, businesses catering to the senior population and medical facilities.


Offering one-on-one sessions with a caregiving coach specializing in caregiving issues for those caring for senior adults with dementia. In-person or by phone.


Our Centers on Aging offer a variety of exercise and fitness programs including Tai Chi and Walk With Ease.

Walk With Ease

Walking can help you gain all the benefits of exercise, from weight loss to enhanced well-being for mature adults.  A fun and easy, 6-week program that can reduce pain and discomfort of arthritis, increase balance, strength and pace, build confidence in physical activity and improve overall health.