May 1, 2018

Increase Life Expectancy up to 14 Years

According to a new study led by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, maintaining five healthy habits can add up to 14 years of life for women and 12 years for men.  Let’s dig in!

  • Eat a Healthy Diet:  We all want to eat healthier.  But we live in a place with fish fries, rich sauces and gravies, and a love of butter.  But we can make some smart changes in the way we cook to change the unhealthy meal to a healthier meal.  Join the South Arkansas Center on Aging and Healthworks Fitness Center the second Tuesday of every month for Healthy Eating and Tasting (HEAT) and learn to prepare easy, healthier meals.  It’s FREE, just call Lori at 870-881-8969 to reserve your spot!
  • Exercise Regularly:  This one sounds like a drag, doesn’t it?  The hardest part of starting an exercise routine is the first day.  You don’t have to do a strenuous workout; start with a walk around the block!  The South Arkansas Center on Aging and Healthworks Fitness Center have programs tailored toward older adults.  Tai Chi, Drums Alive, and Senior Strength and Yoga classes are daily at Healthworks.  Healthworks memberships do apply.
  • Keeping a Healthy Body Weight:  This can be tough and overwhelming.  Plus, we all have to eat.  Having a food addiction is one of the toughest to deal with.  By eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, your BMI will go down.  If you don’t know where to start, see your doctor to take the first steps.  He or she will know your health history and can recommend a sensible eating plan and exercise routine.
  • Don’t Smoke:  I think we all knew this one.  It is extremely difficult to quit smoking.  Fortunately, there are cessation aids for sale over the counter now.  Nicotine patches, mints, gum, and more are readily available at any drug store.  If those don’t appeal to you, see your doctor.  There are medications that help and have been proven very effective.  Some health insurance companies will pay the entire cost.  If you’re ready to quit your smoking habit, see your doctor.
  • Don’t Drink too Much Alcohol:  A little red wine is good for you.  One glass a day for women, two for men.  But too much alcohol is not good for your body.  Drinking too much puts you at risk for Anemia, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Cirrhosis, Dementia, Depression, Seizures, Gout and more.

If you are interested in learning more about healthy eating and exercise, join the South Arkansas Center on Aging and Healthworks Fitness Center on May 24th for Senior Health & Fitness Day 2018.  You will be able to observe and try the exercise programs we have for seniors, plus lunch provided by First Financial Bank and blood pressure checks and screenings by Walmart.  You do NOT need to be a member of Healthworks to attend.

Come get healthy, play some BINGO, have lunch and have FUN!  Reservations are required for this FREE event.  Call 870-881-8969 to reserve your spot!

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