February 27, 2018

Taking Care of our Insides – Blood Sugar Testing

The UAMS South Arkansas Center on Aging Education Center in El Dorado and UAMS South in Magnolia are collaborating on monthly blood sugar testing for residents at the Pine Valley Senior Center.  We all are guilty of spending more time on hair, makeup, etc., that we need to spend a little more time taking care of our insides.  A great start is getting our blood sugar tested!

Balanced blood sugar is better for inflammation (depression, heart disease, cancer), it helps protect kidneys (lethargy, nausea, swelling), and weight management.

Ms. Linda Watson, Center Director, oversees over 50 residents.  And as you can see, Rebecka Wendling makes it fun!

For more information about balanced blood sugar, contact your doctor for a simple test.  You won’t regret it!