Caregiver SUCCESS!

Becoming someone’s personal caregiver is a big responsibility and takes a lot of commitment.  If you have been given access to this series of videos, you have probably been named as a caregiver to a person in need. Your new role as caregiver is very important for their overall health and well being, but in order to be a successful caregiver you must first take care of yourself.

While being a caregiver comes with many rewards it also has many challenges.  This video series will give you tips on how to keep yourself healthy.   It will also provide information on how to provide the best care for the person in need.

You can watch the full video (about 20 minutes) – or you can watch one chapter at a time.  It’s really up to you!

Full Video

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Caregiver Activities

Chapter 3 – Basic Tips

Chapter 4- Common Problems

Chapter 5- Medication Safety

Chapter 6- Dehydration

Chapter 7 – Falls

Chapter 8 – Infections

Chapter 9- Conclusion