Family Caregiver Workshops

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Family Caregiver Workshops are designed to increase family member’s knowledge of basic caregiving skills needed to care for an older adult in the home.

Two separate workshops are offered: 

  • Family Caregiver Workshop: Basic Physical Skills
  • Family Caregiver Workshop: Dementia Care

 Time is allotted for lecture, hands-on demonstrations and individual questions.  Information on local caregiver resources is also provided.


 Many baby-boomers are finding they have become members of the “sandwich generation.” They are struggling with the multiple responsibilities and demands of holding down a full-time job, raising children or grandchildren AND providing care for an aging parent or other loved one.

It is important for family caregivers to learn special strategies to help them provide assistance to loved ones in an efficient and safe manner, while still taking care of themselves at the same time.

This program presents an overview of information on caregiving for anyone who provides unpaid care for an older adult in the home.

(This program will not qualify you to work as a paid, professional caregiver under the Arkansas Act #1410.)

Topics Include:

  • Body mechanics & mobility
  • Lifting & transferring
  • Assisting with walkers & canes
  • Wheelchair use & car-to-wheelchair transfers
  • Range of motion exercises and physical activities
  • Home safety & infection control
  • Incontinence management & skin care
  • Bathing & dressing
  • Caregiver stress
  • Local resources & reference materials


Caring for a loved one with dementia poses many challenges for family caregivers.  Without proper understanding of the disease, it is very easy for family members to become overwhelmed with feelings of frustration and burn-out.

This program provides family caregivers with valuable information and coping strategies to help them deal with the daily challenges of providing care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory disorder.

Topics Include:

  • Physical changes in the Alzheimer’s brain
  • Preservation of respect & dignity
  • Common behaviors
  • Communication skills
  • Activities for people with dementia
  • Caregiver stress & burnout