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These programs are for anyone who wishes to know more about caring for an older adult in the home.  This includes individuals who wish to work with older adults, family members, volunteers, or friends.  An older adult is generally someone aged 60 years of age or older.
Certified programs contain information on a variety of topics including communication, safety, activities, skin care, assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting transferring and walking.  Each level of training builds on the previous level and is designed to provide the learner with knowledge and skills needed to care for individuals who require varying levels of care in their homes.

Family Caregiver Workshops are designed to introduce non-paid caregivers to basic caregiving skills.  They are intended for individuals with little if any medical training.  Information contained in the Family Caregiver Workshops covers a variety of topics related to daily caregiving of an older adult such as hygiene, nutrition, skin care, and toileting.

Yes, the information in these programs is in large part basic nursing care that would be applicable for any person needing assistance with activities of daily living.  A person caring for a young adult or child with specical needs is likely to require additional information relevant to their specific condition; however, the information on basic caregiving, such as skin care, pressure relief, hygiene would all be likely be applicable to any caregiving situation.
The cost classes vary depending on whether they are certified or family courses.  It is best to contact the training center in your area to talk to someone about tuition.
Family Caregiver Workshops are short just two 4-hour classes.  Certified Home Caregiver classes range from 40 hours to 60 hours in length.  Click here to view a typical class calendar.
Family caregiver workshops can be scheduled by calling or emailing the training center
Yes, If there are enough interested students a course can be scheduled for evening/weekend classes
Yes, scholarships for training classes may be available.  Contact the center to inquire.
A national search for similar training programs was conducted in 2007.  Results of the search found a total of three formal curricula that focused on training individuals to care for older adults in the home.  The Schmieding curriculum was the only formal, comprehensive curriculum that provided progressive levels of training enabling student the option to advance their education from the level of companion to certified nurse aide according to their personal goals.
In Arkansas, the program is more comprehensive by meeting the federal training requirements for both home health care and nursing home care.  It also incorporates the state training requirements for personal care assistant.
The Schmieding Center collects evaluation data at the end of each course and reviews the pass rates on the state CNA exam.  Since the replication project started in 2009, more than 1,000 individuals have completed one or more Schmieding certified classes.