April 24, 2019

Normal Aging or Dementia?

Normal Aging or Dementia?

Dementia is often mistaken for being a part of the normal aging process. Forgetfulness does not equal dementia. There are key differences between normal aging and dementia. As we age, we all have “senior moments”. If you’ve been known to misplace your car keys, forget an appointment or even search for your phone while talking on it, you surely can relate to these “senior moments”. These bouts of memory loss associated with normal aging do not impact an individual’s ability to live on their own or perform daily tasks. During the normal aging process, there are steps to take in order to boost memory.

Effective Ways to Improve Memory:
– Engage in Routine Exercise
– Get a Good Night’s Sleep
– Reduce Stress
– Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet
– Engage in Routine Social Activities

There are, however, important warning signs to consider if you are concerned that someone in your life could be among the 5.8 million Americans, including nearly 300,000 Arkansans, living with Alzheimer’s Disease or another type of dementia.

Warning Signs to Consider:

– Difficulty performing familiar tasks
– Confusion about time or place
– Problems with speech or vocabulary
– Being unaware of potential memory problems

Symptoms of dementia negatively impact a person’s everyday life, impairing their ability to live safely & independently. Dementia is not a part of normal aging.

If you are concerned, set up an appointment to discuss the situation with your health care provider. As with any disease, early detection is important in developing a treatment plan and finding ways to improve quality of life.

For local caregiver support, programs and resources, please call the UAMS South Arkansas Center on Aging at 870-881-8969. We are here for you 24/7.

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