Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (D.E.E.P)

Self-Management Diabetes Program – The Diabetes Education Empowerment (D.E.E.P.) is a FREE program for Arkansans living with diabetes. People who join the D.E.E.P. program will attend 6 weekly, two-hour learning sessions where they will get hands-on training on understanding food labels, meal planning and other helpful tips on diabetes care.

A Matter of Balance (AMOB)

Free Falls Prevention class – A Matter of Balance is a class that teaches older adults practical ways to reduce the risk of falling. The class, which features eight, two-hour sessions teaches participants the view falls and fear of falling as controllable; set realistic goals to increase physical activity; change their home setting to reduce fall risk factors; and exercises that increase strength and balance.

Ageless Grace

Brain Health and Exercise -Ageless Grace programs will be offered throughout the state of Arkansas. The Ageless Grace Program is ideal for: • Anyone who would like to stay youthful and vibrant. • Caregivers (professional or family members) who work with these special populations and want to provide ease of movement to their clients and/or loved ones.


Our Centers on Aging offer a variety of exercise and fitness programs including Tai Chi and Drums Alive

Special Events

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