Tina Albritten

“The classes were well structured, organized, and provided a lot of hands on training. All of the instructors were professional yet caring and warm hearted. They stressed how important body mechanics are when lifting and assisting clients. They also taught us how to help a client maintain their dignity while tending to their needs. A wide range of care giving techniques were covered that not only allow you to take care of a client but to take care of yourself as well. I have since become employed by the senior social center and use my training daily. I can’t imagine being in the elderly care field without having the knowledge and training of The Schmieding Center behind me. It’s also comforting to know that I have many resources and tools provided in their library. I plan to continue my training with the Home Care Assistant course and become a certified nurse’s assistant. I would highly recommend the Schmieding Center Education program to anyone wishing to go into the elderly care field as a profession or to an individual taking care of a loved one.”

Paul Casey

“The instructors were very professional, caring and compassionate with students like myself that had no prior training in the field of care giving for senior adults. They took time with us in class and outside of class. I found them to be detailed in their instruction and extra patient with us to make sure that we understood what they were teaching. There are no words to describe the appreciation and gratitude I feel toward the instructors … I had worried about the state board exam, but with the support of my instructors at Schmieding, there was nothing to worry about. I passed the first try, with my instructors behind me all the way.”

Carolyn Miller

“… I was impressed with the depth of the information. I saw that you could use this training as a foundation for many avenues of medical service. The outside speakers were very helpful as were the instructional rooms that were set up to practice our skills. I found employment very quickly with a family who had relocated their aunt and uncle from Georgia. The husband was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease and his lovely little wife of 85 lbs. was challenged by acute osteoporosis. This was a very busy time and fed my desire to stay busy. I am not one to sit and do nothing and this was not the place to be bored. There were exercise classes, art lessons, cooking, cleaning, visiting relatives, and the medical side of doctor appointments, etc. We developed a pleasant way of life even though her husband went into a nursing facility. We still saw him everyday and was able to take care of his physical needs and have a meal with him.”

Jennifer PalmaJennifer Palma

“Going through the Schmieding program was so beneficial to me. I gained so much knowledge, from the basics to caring for a patient with Alzheimer’s. The program is tailor-made for someone who truly wants to give quality care to those in need.”

Linda Young

“The Schmieding Center program provided my mom’s caregiver, Eva, and me with valuable knowledge and skills that has made a significant difference in caring for my mom. We are both better prepared to understand Mom’s condition and respond in the best ways to assist her with the tasks of daily living and her emotional turmoil. The preparation and training we received at the Schmieding Center was delivered by an outstanding teaching staff. As an educator with over thirty years experience, I recognize and value outstanding teaching professionals. The Schmieding Center staff are highly qualified professionals committed to teaching others the best practices in caring for elders in the home setting. Their passion and commitment is matched by their exemplary teaching skills and techniques. The curriculum is rich with content specific skills and practical information. The staff bring real life experiences to the classroom that personalizes the learning experience.”