Alzheimer’s & Dementia Training (AD)

SC1404-300x200This course provides information and instruction on how to provide support and care for a person with dementia.  Participants receive basic information on the types and causes of dementia, diseases and conditions frequently associated with dementia, and practical tips on managing challenging behaviors such as wandering and resistance to daily hygiene.  Participants also receive instruction and demonstration of communication techniques, environmental modification, and activities.

Other information in this course includes managing end of life care, self care, and maintaining respect, dignity and quality of life of the individual with dementia.  Successful completion of this course requires a passing score of 80% or better on a written test.  This course has no prerequisites and is recommended for anyone caring for someone with dementia in the home, adult day care or institutional setting. This course satisfies AR Code 20-10-701 et seq and the AR State Department of Human Services Nursing Assistant Training Program regulations requirement for 15 hours of training commonly referred to as the “Barbara Broyles Alzheimer and Dementia Training”.